Monday, March 1, 2010

Just so you know, Jamee is not dead.

High School Musical: The Aftermath

Fallon Performance Team "Lonely Goat Herd"

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So most of you probably know Jamee Wohle. She has been my best friend since... well, forever! She is a military family and they use to move all the time but they finally came here. Living here for 14 years..... wow! Well, Jamee's father went to Hawaii not to long ago and so Jamee and her sister Lillie are going to follow. She should be coming back in less than a year and coming to visit but still, she won't be here. Madie and I tried to throw her a Surprise Going-Away Party for her and Lillie.... it really sucked. When the play was done, they took me home because I "needed a ride" and after their mom almost gave it away, (I was laughing on the inside) we got to my house. One of Lillie's friends could come so that was good. But both Becky and Alysa couldn't make it and then when we said surprise she did pretty much what Kaleigh did 2 years ago.

So, since Jamee and I have known each other always, you bet your biscuits (hehe funny phrases) that we have a lot of funny stories.

We were driving back from Girl's Camp (2009) and pretty much everyone was asleep in the car and I'm just kinda drowsy in the middle seat next to Jamee and she slowly opens her eyes and says
"What James?"
"You... need... liposuction on your lips..."
She might think that she was being mean (if she still remembers this, she was kinda out of it after she woke up) but I just laughed my head off and of course everyone else in the car woke up too. You had to be there. It was so funny ;)

I have a lot more stories but I don't think I want to post those on the world wide web :P

I'll miss you James!!!
Mutual Girls Camp 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm at school..... hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just to tell all of you.... my middle name has changed so don't even think about calling me Elizabeth. My new middle name is Eli, so deal with it.


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